Reduce the Cost and Time to Market for your next SoC design Learn about SHIFT-LEFT ESL methodologies for Hardware-Software Co-Design & Co-Verification
CircuitSutra is an Electronics System Level (ESL) design IP and services company, headquartered in India, having its offices at Noida, Bangalore and Santa Clara (USA). It enables customers to adopt advanced methodologies based on C, C++, SystemC/TLM2.0 (IEEE 1666-2011), Python, UPF3.0 (IEEE 1801-2015), IP-XACT (IEEE 1685-2014), Portable Stimulus. Our core competencies include Virtual Prototype (development, verification, deployment), High-Level Synthesis, Architecture & Performance modeling.
We augment traditional RTL-GDS flow with advanced ESL methodologies to perform: Pre-silicon firmware development / testing, Architecture Analysis - Power / Performance Optimization & HW-SW partitioning, Designing at an abstraction level above RTL, SoC / SystemC Level design & verification
CircuitSutra's mission is to accelerate the adoption of ESL methodologies in the Industry.
We setup world-class ESL project teams, to work as an extension of the customer's R&D team, either remotely through an offshore development centre (ODC) model or onsite at customer location. We provide re-usable modeling IP & methodology, that helps customers to quickly start their modeling projects. We also provide specialized SystemC training that helps customers to groom non-SystemC professionals to become virtual prototyping experts.
CircuitSutra is developing re-usable modelling infrastructure for the RISC-V ecosystem and AI/DL SoCs
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CircuitSutra Overview

  • CircuitSutra Overview (application/pdf)

Virtual Prototype - It’s more than a pre-hardware tool

  • Virtual Prototype - It’s more than a pre-hardware tool (application/pdf)

Training: SystemC Modeling for Virtual Prototype Development

  • Training: SystemC Modeling for Virtual Prototype Development (application/pdf)
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