Jade Design Automation


Company Focus

Jade Design Automation has a laser sharp focus on register management with a mission to address the register management challenges from system architecture to SW bring-up.

Main Product

Register Manager, the flagship product of Jade Design Automation, efficiently manages all tasks around the HW/SW interface of an SoC. The users can capture register and bitfield information on the IP level as well as the memory maps on the IP, subsystem and SoC level.

Key features

  • IP and system level description of the HW/SW interface
  • Data capture via GUI or command line interface
  • Import from standards or custom formats
    • IP-XACT 1685-2009 and 1685-2014
    • SystemRDL 2.0
  • Generators for
    • RTL
    • UVM
    • SW
    • Documentation
    • IP-XACT 1685-2009 and 1685-2014
    • Command file
  • Flexible licensing options from a single license to unlimited enterprise licenses


Main Differentiators

  • Lightweight, performant and scalable - can capture, validate and generate collaterals for an SoC of 10 000 bitfields under 4 seconds, 100 000 bitfields under 40 seconds and 1 000 000 bitfields under 400 seconds
  • Out-of-box support for Arm’s TrustZone® technology built on the v8-M architecture on AMBA® based systems
  • Extensive experience with Arm based IoT systems
  • Can model the system level memory map of a v8-M SoC including the secure/non-secure aliasing
  • Full custom visual editor to intuitively capture the HW/SW interface
  • Fully functional shell mode for power users
  • Scriptable command files for automated flows
  • Built by using modern technologies


Target customers

The tool covers the HW/SW interface management from system architecture to board bring up so it can used by

  • System Architects
  • Design and Verification Engineers in IP teams and
  • System Integrators
  • SW engineers
  • Technical Writers

working at

  • SoC companies
  • IP companies and 
  • Design Service companies


For further information please contact Tamas Olaszi either here or directly at [email protected], visit our website at https://jade-da.com/ or download further material from the Resources page. Please note that the Technical Overview presentation on the Resources page is animated in presentation mode and static in edit mode.

VR Room: IP-XACT    


Register Manager - Technical Overview presentation.pdf

  • Register Manager - Technical Overview presentation.pdf (application/pdf)

Register Manager - Datasheet.pdf

  • Register Manager - Datasheet.pdf (application/pdf)
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